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How to track redirected URLs?

Some time ago I wrote article about decoding shortened links using It is very good tool but it has one flaw – it can only track shortened urls! If you try to track regular redirected URL you are gonna get an error! We need a better tool – there are situations when tracking redirections … Continue Reading

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How secure is my password

How secure is your password?

Everyone one knows that we should use “strong” passwords. It is important as recent brute force attacks on WordPress blogs shows – simple admin password equals hacked blog. But what exactly is strong password? How to measure it? How strong is myp455w0rd for example? It seems strong, don’t you think? You are wrong – average … Continue Reading

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PlagTracker – free online plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is one of the biggest sins in the blogosphere. It is especially dangerous if you accept guest posts – imagine that your guest blogger copied his post from less known source and you get hit by Google’s duplicate content algorithm. Fortunately there are ways to reduce risk of publishing plagiarised content on your website. … Continue Reading

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Best WordPress Themes - Lucid

Best WordPress Themes – Lucid

Welcome to another installment of Best WordPress Themes series, presenting top professional themes for WordPress. We are going to talk about responsive Lucid from Elegant Themes. Lucid is modern looking magazine theme oriented on displaying lots of content at once on landing page. I have to admit it handles the task very well – main … Continue Reading

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Protect your blog - xserve -

Blogging: How to keep your WordPress secure

Hacked WordPress – it is nightmare of every blogger. Recently you can hear more and more news about people who got hit by hackers without any reasons. It is not that only top blogs are targets – anyone can get hacked and his site can be used to hack other websites. Is there anything you … Continue Reading

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Best WordPress Plugins - Growmap Anti Spambot

Best WordPress Plugins – Growmap Anti Spambot

As you probably noticed from my previous posts I consider changing original WordPress comment box a major crime against blogging community. Some people are gonna say “It is because we are trying to get rid of spam comments”. Believe me, there are better ways to get rid of spam without making your readers angry. One … Continue Reading

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Name availability checker

How to check name availability across social networks

Finding a good name for your blog or service is not easy – especially if you would like to use the same name across multiple social platforms. Sometimes it is just impossible because someone else already registered name you would like to use. It is very annoying, but is there a way to avoid it? … Continue Reading

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Best WordPress Themes - Nimble

Best WordPress Themes – Nimble

Welcome to another part of Best WordPress Themes series! Today we’re going to talk about great responsive theme – Nimble from Elegant Themes. First thing I noticed when opened Nimble template is how big it is – each element takes good amount of space, making the theme very clean and readable. As with other Elegant … Continue Reading

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