How to Blog?

If you want to tell something to the world, if you have the inner need to write, if you are persistent and systematic – you should become a blogger! This way you could join tens of millions of people around the world, filling the internet with content and create it’s unique character. Often the big money and fame follows, so the game is worth the candle.

The blogging term comes from the ‘web log’, which is online diary. First blogs started to appear about 10 years ago, now there’s over 150 million of them worldwide. The main difference between blogs and a regular websites is that blogs are collection of posts, updated on regular (often daily) basis, where readers can leave their comments and discuss things. Most of the blogs are topic-oriented, giving reader insight into given subject. So choosing the right blog topic is a very important step. Also, blogs are using web software for blogging. Right now, the biggest platforms are WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal. I will try to explain here what you need to begin your blogging adventure with WordPress.

How to start blogging?

First of all, there are two main paths for a beginner:

  • You can start on sites which are hosting blogs –,, There you can set up your free blog in matter of minutes, but there will be limitations, ie  you won’t be able to install any plugin you want or set your own domain name. You can find some instructions in this post.
  • Second option is to host your blog yourself – but there are pros and cons (as usual). Pros are that you are not limited to anything, you can set up small blog and end up having another Cons are that you need to spend some money and you need to learn some stuff.

It takes several easy steps to set up your own blog (or page) based on WordPress:

After that, everything will depend on your perseverance and literary craftsmanship. You should try to get to the bigger audience – promote your blog and find some blogging “buddies”. It is worth to remember that gaining readers is a lengthy process, often you will have to write for at least one year before you start to attract their attention.

Good luck!

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