How to set up blog @ ? is a portal specialized in hosting preconfigured wordpress blog. The very basic service is free and there is no blog limit per user. Default address is, which gives you good position in google without any additional costs. The biggest advantage of setting up your blog on is simplicity and elegance of the configurator, not mentioning that you can have fully operational blog in the matter of minutes.


Unfortunately also has it’s drawbacks – especially the lack of access through the FTP protocol is very limiting. In practice it means that we can not upload ourselves any plugins or themes, so we are doomed to those available on the site. Fortunately, most of them are free, but there’s also premium content as well.


First thing to do is go to page and click on the GET STARTED HERE button. You should see following page:

Now choose an address of your blog (it is free if you selected domain, otherwise it is 17$), and answer “No thanks. I’ll use the free address” to the question about domain purchase. Then select your username and password (the stronger the better). Also give your ACTUAL e-mail address – activation link will be sent there.

Click SIGN UP  button and you should proceed to this page:

Here you can give your personal data (or just a nickname) and write a few sentences about yourself. Don’t forget to save it using SAVE PROFILE button. In the mean time check your email – activation link should be already there (it may take few minutes, if it’s still not there check your spam folder). Click it and it should redirect you to your blog’s dashboard – it looks  like this:

Congratulations, already have set up your first wordpress blog! Now watch the instructions and you are ready to start your adventure with wordpress!

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