How to setup WordPress blog in 5 minutes

If you need to setup a full WordPress blog quickly, there is nothing better than Fantastico Deluxe installation scripts. Here I will show you how easy it is to setup your own blog on WordPress – the best part being it shouldn’t take any longer than five minutes!

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First, you’ll of course need to make your HostPapa account. Afterwards, you’ll need to log in and wow! – Look at the cPanel. This is where you’ll find the Fantastico Deluxe icon. It is under the “Software/Servers” headline.

cPanel, hostpapa, how to blog, wordpress site
After you’ve clicked on the Fantastico Deluxe icon, it should take you further on to this page:

how to blog, fantastico, cpanel, hostpapa, wordpress site

In the left panel, you will see the headline “Blogs”. You’ll need to click the bubble for WordPress under the listing of options. Then, in the right panel, you’ll click on the “New Installation” option. Once you’ve done so, you will see the following page:

how to blog, wordpress site, fantastico, cpanel, hostpapa

Here is where you will choose the domain you’d like to install your blog and subfolder on. Please note that typing anything in the “Directory” field will change the access path to your blog. For example, if you install WordPress to your domain ( and set the “Directory” to myblog, in order to access your blog itself, you will have to enter in into your browser! On the other hand, if you already have a WordPress blog set up in your main domain (or anything else for that matter!), you should create a new blog in a subdirectory – otherwise you might accidentally overwrite some files and that will result in the possibility of bringing down your old site.

The next step you’ll need to take is creating an administrator’s login and password. You should make it long and use both letters and numbers. Afterwards, you will fill in the “Base Configuration – Admin Nickname”. This is the name that will be sited with your posts. Your “Admin E-mail” is your contact address for blog correspondence and your “Site Name” and “Description” are quite obvious. After entering all of the above fields, you’ll proceed to the next page.

how to blog, wordpress site, fantastico, cpanel, hostpapa
Here you will find information about mysql user created by the script – Make note of it. Now click on the “Finish Installation” button.

how to blog, wordpress site, setup, config, fantastico, cpanel, hostpapa
This picture shows you the installation process summary window – please make note of the administration panel login info. You can send it to your own e-mail address by using the form located at the bottom of the page.
Now you’re ready to visit the administration panel of your newly created blog – just click the link underneath the “Bookmark This” text.

how to blog, wordpress site, setup, config, fantastico, cpanel, hostpapa
Hooray! You’ve just created your first WordPress blog using the Fantastico Deluxe option! If there is something wrong regarding your configuration, you can remove blogs easily. All you need to do is go to the cPanel, then “Software / Services” and then Fantastico Deluxe. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see your blog listed. Just click the “Remove” icon and that’s it!

Have fun with WordPress! Good luck!



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