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One of the coolest features of WordPress are widgets – small pieces of code that you can drag around the widget-enabled WordPress theme. Using them can really speed up process of designing a website. Shame there is no online web designer using drag and drop technology… Or is there?

Breezi - main page
Breezi – main page

If you are into visual web designing and you want to build your own website you should definitely check out the Breezi – very interesting online website designer, allowing you to create websites simply by adding functional components (called apps), clicking and dragging.

Breezi - example design page
Breezi – example design page

How to use Breezi?

The whole concept of Breezi revolves around apps – small pieces of code that you can add to your website pages (in very similar way WordPress uses widgets). Once an app is added, we can drag it around or modify its parameters. If you want to resize image, you grab it’s right bottom corner and just drag it to change its dimensions. Very simple. I was really impressed how many different types of apps Breezi offers to the users (and there is even more apps if you want to purchase one – priced as cheaply as 3$):

  • ask a question form
  • rotated banner
  • blog view
  • buttons
  • contact forms
  • countdown
  • embed HTML
  • Facebook fan page
  • images and image galleries
  • Instagram feed and twitter feed with option to follow
  • two different Google Maps (using Google generated code and generated on the fly)
  • vertical and horizontal menus
  • picture showcase and projects viewer
  • social icons
  • RSS feed viewer
  • slideshow
  • tabs and accordions
  • simple text and text with images
  • video and video gallery
  • Yelp rating
Breezi - list of available apps
Breezi – list of available apps

As you can see there is tons of options – it’s worth noting that HTML app allows us to add almost anything to our website – so we can use Breezi functionality to easily setup page layouts and then fill containers with whatever we want. Pretty cool feature.

Breezi - additional styles
Breezi – additional styles

If we don’t feel like building website from a scratch, or we need to build something really fast, we can use Skins feature – it basically allows us to use one of predefined skins. Most of the skins are free but there are few premium ones, reasonably priced at $3. Another option web designers will like a lot is Partial Skins – in this case we just get set of font styles (ie headers) and some background colors. If you just need colors, here you go: tons of predefined palettes to choose from.

Do you know any other interesting tools? Let us know via Suggest An App!

Using Styles settings we can change most of the visuals very easy: colors, borders, background images, add shadows, fonts, spacing and many other CSS properties of every component is there (page, blocks, sections, apps, columns, button, images etc). Add the fact that system offers over 500 Web Fonts and  you get very powerful tool at your fingers.

Breezi - changing styles is easy
Breezi – changing styles is easy

Breezi offers lots of other helpful features such as Design Shuffles which allows you to try some random styles auto generated by the system, there is also Design Cleaner for cleaning up margins, fonts and image spacing. If you want to build websites that work with different devices, it’s not a problem – Breezi websites are responsive by default, which means they will resize easily on different screen sizes.

SEO is also very easy with Breezi – you can easily set titles, URL slugs and meta keywords with descriptions for every page on your website. Integrating Google Analytics (or any other analytics system in fact) into your Breezi project is simple too – it is a matter of pasting the tracking code into one of the fields.

Developers of Breezi put a lot of effort into making system work fast, so users are not left waiting – Breezi comes with an advanced caching system which renders last cached version of website.

Creating forms in Breezi form builder is simple. They can be displayed either on page itself or in overlay. You can setup auto-confirmation and receive notification when someone fills out the form.

Check this awesome video to see what Breezi has to offer:

Gold Award
Gold Award

Breezi offers full website solution for people who are not programmers and wonder how to build websites using drag and drop techniques – for as little as $9 per month they can get fast hosting account  with ability to use their own domains, without any bandwidth or storage limits, and very flexible, potent system for creating complex websites. I highly recommend it.

Try Breezi visual web builder yourself and build the website you were dreaming about!


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