HostPapa hosting review

HostPapa hosting advertises itself as environmentally friendly, reliable professional hosting with dedicated support. While I cannot check the first claim, I can surely tell you a bit more about the other two, as I am their customer since 2011 and most of my sites are located on their servers.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.


HostPapa plan costs £1.95 per month if you sign up for three years (so it is £70 for three years). This is pretty good value considering that at this moment most hosting services charges $3.95 per month, and some of them limit number of domains or databases, bandwidth or disk space for this price.

HostPapa hosting offer is:

  • one domain name for free for one year (when I joined I got one for free for HostPapa-life)
  • unlimited number of addon domains
  • unlimited number of MySQL databases
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited FTP and Email accounts
  • no setup fees
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • money-back guarantee (30 days)
  • marketing offers (Facebook, Amazon, Bidvertiser, Adknowledge) worth $175
  • 100% Green Energy web hosting – if you care about birds, grass and stuff like this

Although offer doesn’t knock you off your chair, I think it’s very solid package. Hosting uses cPanel for administration and comes with Softaculous script installer, which gives you ability to install packages like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, osCommerce, Zen Cart and many more lightning fast and easy, making it good hosting for beginners.

Some people are complaining about money-back guarantee: they say there are some dodgy fees applied when you try to get your money back, so please read service terms carefully if you decide to try HostPapa.


Initially I had some problems with the server my account was installed on – basically it was slow (HostPapa is shared web hosting, so I probably was on a box with some heavy traffic site). When situations happened two or three times I requested transfer to another server, which was executed quickly and without any issues. Since then I didn’t have any issues – the account is not speed demon but it is good (and I don’t use CloudFlare which speeds up access times). Up-time guarantee is true – during my 2 years with them service down time was something like 4 days total, which is less than 0.01%.

From my experience with another hosting companies I can tell HostPapa is as good as others or even slightly better.

Customer support

Lot’s of people claim it’s HostPapa’s weakest point, but there is a trick to it. On HostPapa website there is 24/7 live support system where you can chat to support people and believe me: they are really, really bad, they often quote HostPapa’s Knowledge Database without any understanding of the problem, when you ask them a question they disappear for 5 minutes (probably looking up the Google or their Knowledge Database). Really bad – they are good only for questions like: “Are your servers not on fire?”, “Are your servers not stolen?” etc.

Let me give you a tip: HostPapa has support ticket system which works pretty good and you are dealing with proper admins. I had some issue recently and submitted mean ticket about regular onsite support. In an hour I got a call from admin, who quickly explained me the issue and helped to find a correct solution. Support tickets are not the fastest way of solving things, but you get proper support from the admin and once they get the ticket it is usually solved in no time.


As their customer I have to admit HostPapa is not problem-free service: support could be a bit faster and servers themselves could be a bit faster, but unfortunately other hosting providers are no better at all. If you want to start your adventure with web design, this packet is perfect for you – it has everything you’re gonna need, it doesn’t limit you in any way and comes with nice set of administrative tools.

Silver Award
Silver Award

Three years initial contract and the need to pay whole sum upfront may be a bit discouraging, but in return you get very good value hosting with willing to help admins (once you find out how to talk to them).

I highly recommend it for beginners and intermediate web designers.

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