How to setup WordPress blog in 1 minute

Recently I’ve noticed that Fantastico is gone from my HostaPapa’s cPanel. It was replaced with Softaculous script installer. So I took my liberty to find out what actually is this new thing.

Softaculous allows you to install different web packages and it is absolutely massive! You can install lots of things out of the box, including:

  • WordPress CMS
  • Joomla CMS
  • Drupal CMS
  • PHP-Nuke CMS
  • e107 CMS
  • phpBB forum
  • DokuWiki wikipedia
  • ZenCart online shop
  • osCommerce online shop

Softaculous takes whole one panel in cPanel:

Softaculous in cPanel
Softaculous in cPanel

How to install WordPress using Softaculous

After clicking WordPress installation we are presented with Overview page:

Softaculos WodPress Installer - main Page
Softaculos WordPress Installer – main Page

At the bottom you see blogs already installed by the system, you can back them up, edit their details (like database login and password), or remove them.

If you press Install button, system takes you to Installation page:

Softaculous Installer - Install page
Softaculous Installer – Install page

Most things are already pre-filled, we should choose on which domain we want to install WordPress and eventually choose target Directory (please remember that directory shouldn’t exist!). Database Name is already randomized, but we can randomize it a bit more by adding some extra letter or number. Same thing with Table Prefix – it’s good to add something to it so we can later tell which table is related to what WordPress installation.

We fill Site Name and Description, set up Admin Username, Admin Password and Admin Email, eventually change Language, press Install button at the bottom and voila! We have new WordPress installation in one minute!

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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