How to write a WordPress post

Are you ready to write your first WordPress post? I assume you have chosen your blog topic carefully,  you already installed your WordPress on your hosting or locally using WAMP and you installed some nice template. OK, let’s do it!

Please login to your WordPress blog. Now we should prepare and upload some images to use with our article.

How to add image to WordPress

First make sure that images you want to add to WordPress are not too big or too small – they shouldn’t be wider than 1024 pixels, I personally use 1024 or 800 pixels as maximum width on my blogs. If they are too big, please scale them down. Images format should be .jpg or .png for best results. Now take a look at the Media menu on the left side of your WordPress dashboard:

Media Menu, WordPress
Media Menu, WordPress

Please select Add New item and proceed to this page:

WordPress article - adding media
WordPress article – adding media

Now open your files location in Windows explorer and just drag and drop your files onto the big “Drop files here” box – the files should start to upload, which is indicated visually. Please notice that max file size is 64 megabytes. If there are any problems with the upload you can try to use the browser uploader by clicking the given link

WordPress article - successful media upload
WordPress article – successful media upload

Now you are ready to write your first WordPress post.

How to add post to WordPress

Please select Posts menu from the left and then Add New sub menu – you should get to Add New Post page:

Wordpress Blog - write post
WordPress Blog – write post

On the very top there is box saying Enter title here – this is gonna be your article’s title. You should fill it up.

Underneath it there is big grey box which we’re gonna use to write our WordPress article:

WordPress blog - article box
WordPress blog – write article box

On it’s right side are two tabs: Visual and Text.  Visual tab is for writing post in Word-like manner – we can select font size, bold, italic, underline, ordered and unordered lists, block quote, text alignment and color.

We can also add hyperlinks: by selecting some text and pressing chain icon we get to Insert/Edit Link window, where we fill target URL, Title and decide if link should open new window on press (by marking the box).

Adding new link - please notice selected text in the background
Adding new link – please notice selected text in the background

We can also link to our previous content by pressing “Or link to existing content” and selecting one of our previous articles – it is called Post Interlinking and is a very useful feature!

Text tab gives you opportunity to edit raw HTML markup of the post – if you are not familiar with HTML please check my Books page – there are few good books for beginners!

Over the left top corner of article box is Add Media button – you can add some images by pressing it. Choose one image from the presented library and edit it’s Alignment and Size on the right bottom of the window, then press Insert into post button.

WordPress article - inserting new image
WordPress article – inserting new image into post

Once image is in the post, you can select it and while selected choose either to edit it’s settings (image icon on the left) or delete it (icon on the right).

WordPress article - selecting image
Edit image and delete icons on the top

In the Edit Settings screen you can change image scaling, alignment, title and caption:

WordPress article - editing image settings
Edit image settings screen

Once you write your post, you should select it’s Category (or add new one) and add some Tags  on the right – usually they are used for searching for similar content. You can also select big header image for your post by pressing Set Featured Image on the right and choosing image in similar way you added images to the article.

How to preview post in WordPress

When you would like to see your post, just press Preview on the right side – it will open new window with your post, without publishing it. If you don’t want to publish the post yet, you can save it as Draft and come back to it later. When writing lots of posts one day, you can set their publishing dates into the future and WordPress will publish them automatically on the given dates. Really useful feature when you are going for holidays and don’t want to leave your readers with nothing to read.

Once everything is ready, just press Publish and you article will go online! Writing your first WordPress post wasn’t very hard, was it?

If you have any problems while writing your articles, just let me know in the comments!

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