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Everyone who is into web designing or photography quickly learns one thing: images take awfully lot of space. Size of images makes big impact on website loading time and broadband usage. Ho to solve this problem? One solution is to keep all images small, but sometimes they just have to be huge – what to do then? You may try image processing software, but usually it is not free, or you can try to find free jpeg compressing service on the web.

JPEGmini - main page
JPEGmini – main page

Today I found really nice tool which allows to compress images easily. It is called JPEGmini and as you probably guessed it is jpeg optimizer.
Idea behind this tool is really, really simple – you feed it with unoptimized jpeg and after few second you get optimized one, exactly the same in pixel dimensions but smaller size. Interesting feature of the tool is that you can see the difference between these two versions – by moving the cursor you slide the original and compressed photos. Really hard to explain – you have to see it yourself or take a good look at the image above. I tried several pictures and I couldn’t spot any difference except the sizes of course.

JPEGmini - albums page
JPEGmini – albums page

JPEGmini is totally free and you don’t need to register to use it – but then you can only compress single images. If you decide to register, JPEGmini allows you to create albums of photos – you upload few photos, while they are uploading you name album and then you just wait for the process to finish – it may take a few minutes depending how big are your pictures. System automatically sends emails letting you know that the job is done and you can download compressed images as zip folder. The only limitation is 1000 pictures and up to 200mb per album (unlimited number of albums), which is pretty good. The maximum resolution supported by JPEGmini is 50 megapixels – most users don’t use files that big so don’t worry.

JPEGmini - upload album
JPEGmini – upload album

JPEGmini uses standard baseline jpeg format, which ensures that your photos will show up in every software that has ability to display jpeg files. Authors of JPEGmini brag that their algorithm offers better optimization than JPEG2000, JPEG-XR and WebP. I did some compression tests using jpegs taken with my Canon camera and on average JPEGmini reduces image size 3.8 times (from around 5.4mb to 1.4mb), which is not bad at all, considering that I cannot see the difference between optimized and unoptimized versions. It is possible that files from other cameras can achieve even better compression ratios – 50% to 80% smaller size than originals (I tweaked my compression setting in my camera).

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If you are Mac user, you can download desktop version of JPEGmini. If you are business user and need to optimize tons of images, there is premium JPEGmini Photo Server, which allows you to batch process images using command line tool.

JPEGmini is really interesting and useful internet tool that will save your disk space and bandwidth – highly recommended!

Try JPEGmini yourself here.

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