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There are times when you really, I mean REALLY want to test that new service you just found, it asks you for your email to send you registration message… and you just can’t do it because you know how it will end: your email will start getting more and more spam. Initially it will be just one or two messages per day, then the number will slowly grow and one day it will become so overwhelming you will have to change your email address. True, sad story.

It doesn’t have to happen though, there are other ways to deal with the problem of giving away your email. On the internet you can find disposable email services, which are very simple and intuitive to use.

How to use disposable emails?

You enter any name as your disposable email address and you have public,temporary, free disposable email, which can be used for getting emails only (you cannot send emails from it) and is erased on regular basis. Another thing is that anyone can access it, so it’s not that good to use it for critical emails (unless you don’t forget to delete those email with passwords). But it’s really cool if you have to make-up email address quickly – you just give ANY address from the disposable service to someone and pop in site to check it later – simple! - disposable email service – disposable email service

My latest finding is Site has very simple interface – on the main page you enter your desired email address, press GO! button and you can browse your new inbox. It’s kind of funny to see other people’s spam emails if you pick popular email name, like
Once you are in your inbox, you can browse the emails and delete them if necessary. Also there is an option for forwarding given email, secured by reCAPTCHA. Mailinator offers free widget that you can put on your website, allowing you to read emails from there. If you want your disposable emails delivered to your email client, you can use POP3 to do it.

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If you don’t like mailinator domain, there are more, ie:,, and others. There is even option for your private mailinator – you can point your domains to them, so you can use them with this disposable email service! Superb stuff!

I really like, finding it extremely useful when registering for new, sometimes dodgy sites. I highly recommend it!

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