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Have you just bought your new computer? If so, please get ready to spend at least few hours installing all those little programs you love so much… Get ready,here comes the SHORT list: your favourite web browser, Skype, instant messenger, email client, video decoders, all the plugins for the web, imaging software, document processing software, anti-virus, some utilities for dvd and tools for compression.

Good luck – it’s gonna take you a while. There is good chance that you’re gonna forget about something and remember about it later, when you have to do presentation thing ASAP and the last thing you want to do is to spend some time installing missing software. How to avoid it?

Do you know any other interesting tools? Let us know via Suggest An App!

There is a solution for it! I call it Software Auto Installer, which allows you to prepare batch installer most most common programs on the web – one download and one installer instead of them all. It’s called and allows you to customize your batch installer with latest versions of your favourite programs… Here are few of them:

  • browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • messaging and email: Skype, Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, Thunderbird
  • media: iTunes, K-Lite Codecs, QuickTime, Spotify, VLC, WinAmp, Audacity
  • runtimes: Flash, Java, .NET, Silverlight, Air, ShockWave
  • imaging: Picasa, GIMP, IrfanView, Paint.NET, FastStone
  • documents: Office, OpenOffice, Reader, PDFCreator
  • security: AVG, Avast, MalwareBytes, Ad-Aware
  • file sharing: uTorrent, eMule
  • online storage: Dropbox, Google Drive
  • utilities: CDBurnerXP, ImgBurn, AusLogics
  • compression: 7-Zip, PeaZip, WinRAR
  • developer tools: Java, Python, FileZilla, WinMerge, Eclipse
  • other: Steam, Google Earth

How to use Ninite? - installer window – installer window

All you have to do is to mark which software you want to include in your bundle on and then simply press Get Installer button at the bottom of the page. What you get is very elegant, small in size installer (for WinScp, Audacity and Hulu it was just 248kb), which smoothly downloads and installs required software without any nonsense clicking – exactly in three clicks (first run the installer, then let it modify your windows files, then close installer when it’s finished). It really, really simplifies installing all required software on brand new computers – either with Windows or Linux. Another great thing is that software comes WITHOUT all these dodgy tool bars you normally get. Great thing! And it’s totally FREE!

Gold Award
Gold Award

I highly recommend it for EVERYONE!

Get your Ninite software bundle from here.



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