PhotoFiltre Studio – simple image editor for Windows

Every web designer needs a good graphics editing software. Some people use quite complicated and expensive packages like Photoshop, some other use smaller, cheaper or free editors. Beginners are facing problem which of hundreds of programs on the market should they choose? It’s not easy choice.

One of the best editors I found so far is PhotoFiltre Studio. I’ve been using free version for some time, then on 2007 I’ve bought full version of PhotoFiltre Studio and it became my everyday’s graphics editor of choice – actually all images on this blog were processed with it.

PhotoFiltre Studio - Main Window
PhotoFiltre Studio – Main Window

PhotoFiltre Studio is very well designed product with clean, thoughtfully laid out menus – accessing most of editor’s rich features is a matter of seconds, which in result makes PhotoFiltre Studio very intuitive and easy to use product. Editor offers great range of tools for image manipulation and drawing. I found it’s crop, selection tools and options to be much easier to use that similar options in Photoshop, without lacking of flexibility. If you are into photo processing, there is a lot of image adjustment options and substantial amount of image filters – everything you need to postprocess your photos. PhotoFiltre Studio has a decent text drawing tools, allowing the user to draw text with outline, shadows and texture – although it’s not comparable to Photoshop blending options. Still pretty solid for day-to-day work.

PhotoFiltre Studio - Text Effects
PhotoFiltre Studio – Text Effects

Compared to it’s free version, PhotoFiltre Studio supports layers and has some internal format (.pfi) which allows store projects in non-rasterized form. Editor can load lots of file formats including PSD, tons of camera’s raw files and all of regular image formats. Saving is not that generous – it can as .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .rle, .tga and mentioned earlier .pfi for projects.

PhotoFiltre Studio - Batch Image
PhotoFiltre Studio – Batch Image

PhotoFiltre Studio has very decent batch file processor, allowing us to resize, retouch, add texts and filter images in automated way. Very helpful options when dealing with large number of files (ie preparing thumbnails for website). Another feature I found extremely handy is special paste called Assemble, which allows to paste data to the right, left, top or bottom of current image, making tiling content quite easy. If you are into animated gifs, there is option for creating them too.

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Other Interesting functions from menus:

  • Image transformations:
    • skew
    • twirl
    • curve
    • perspective
    • rotate free and more
  • Layers with border effects:
    • antialias
    • blur
    • progressive contour
    • diffuse
    • torn
  • Different shaped selections with possibility to lock ratio and load/save selection shapes
  • Adjustments menu with
    • brightness
    • contrast
    • saturation
    • hue
    • color balance
    • gamma correct
    • curves
    • levels
    • white balance
    • replace color range and more
  • Filter options with
    • color
    • soften
    • sharpen
    • noise
    • relief
    • artistic
    • deform
    • stylized
    • aged effect
    • frame
    • flatten
    • texture and others (I just mentioned main menu options, without sub menus)
PhotoFiltre Studio - Curves
PhotoFiltre Studio – Curves


Gold Award
Gold Award

If you need affordable day-to-day image editor you should definitely take a good look at PhotoFiltre Studio or it’s free brother PhotoFiltre. Both are very solid applications and I am 100% sure users with moderate expectations will find them very handy. You can download it from here.

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