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One of the most overlooked aspects of website design is making web pages printer friendly. This leads to annoying situation where users have to print whole articles including sidebars, adverts, comments and images. Do you remember how many sheets of paper and how much ink have you wasted that way? I am pretty sure a lot. Even worse – sometimes the website is so bad you cannot even copy and past article into your text editor! How to save paper and your nerves in this situation?

I use great website that addresses this how annoying issue – it’s called and it makes unprintable websites printer-friendly again.

PrintFriendly Main Page
PrintFriendly Main Page

How to use PrintFriendly?

You can print any website by entering it’s url on PrintFriendly website or by installing bookmarklet in your favourite browser: FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera, as well as iPhone and iPad. Once you click PrintFriendly button in your bookmarks, you are presented with nice print preview window – you can print the resulting output, save it to PDF file or email it. PrintFriendly offers even more – by clicking elements in your preview window you can hide them from print output. You can also change text size in preview and Remove Images, which can save you few sheets of paper without any effort at all.

PrintFriendly example output
PrintFriendly example output

If you have your own website, PrintFriendly offers range of different sized buttons to help printing you content in convenient way.

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This video explains everything in simple way:

PrintFriendly is permanent entry in my bookmarks and I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Visit PrintFriendly and check it yourself!

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