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Good text editor is programmer’s best friend – that’s an old truth well known in computer circles. There are many text editors out there in the wild – some of them better, some of the them worse, some paid and some free. Today I would like to present you windows editor which I consider the best: UltraEdit.

I am professional programmer and in my line of work I deal with text source files which are sometimes few hundreds kilobytes big and there’s lots of them too. It is very important for me to be able to move around them quickly, to be able to modify them easily and to search them in comfortable way. It sounds simple but not many text editors manage to solve these problems in user-friendly way. UltraEdit is one of them. If you are looking for windows HTML editor or Javascript editor or php editor – look no more, it has it all.

Let me explain why I think that UltraEdit is superior to all the other text editors I used so far. The big thing for me is that UltraEdit is easily customizable – we can assign key shortcuts to anything we want, if there is missing functionality, we can define it as a tool (running external program) or as a macro, or even a script. And better believe me – it’s just a tip of the iceberg of things UltraEdit has to offer. For full list of features check out IDM Solutions page.

UltraEdit - Window
UltraEdit – Window

Do you need a bit more than one clipboard? UltraEdit support Windows clipboard and 9 other, so you can copy/past 9 different things at the same time! Another great feature is support of unicode – in theory most nowadays editors can do it, but in practice it is not as simple as it seems. UltraEdit handles unicode perfectly. Another feature that I like is totally configurable syntax highlighting (support for C/C++, PHP, HTML, XML, Java,VB, ASPJavascript, Perl ) and code folding based on indentation level (Python programmers – do you like it?). It can even highlight Javascript and HTML in the same file, which is pretty cool.

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Another good thing is Back and Forward – we know it from browsers, but for some reason some text editors don’t implement it.

Have you ever copied huge code block from the web, only to realize that it has copied with line number and now you have to remove them by hand? UltraEdit has fantastic Column Mode which will allow you to cut column of text in seconds. It is really useful function, underestimated by most users (unless you actually have a “situation”).

If you need to search your files UltraEdit offers very sophisticated search options, including Regular Expressions search (and replace) and is able to list, count and highlight all lines containing give search phrase (and believe me – this is VERY useful feature for programmers). Combine it with easy bookmarks system and you it makes moving between functions and files so easy and intuitive.

UltraEdit has FTP and SSH Console implemented, which is quite handy for web designers.It is also capable of comparing files and editing binary files in HEX mode.

With UltraEdit you can easily validate your HTML code – HTML Tidy is one of the options. It can also do you code formatting if you combine it with AStyle code beautifier (I love it!). I was able to add Zen HTML script with UE without any fuzz. Brilliant.

Gold Award
Gold Award

The biggest problem with UltraEdit is that it is so huge and rich in options – it makes you feel that you are using only 10% of it initially. But once you get used to it and you configure it your way (which is really, really simple), you start to realize how powerful tool it is – and it’s just text editor for god’s sake!

If you would like to try it there is free trial version on IDM Solutions web page. But be warned – once you try it, you may find other editors feature lacking and somehow… simple. You are trying UltraEdit on your own risk!

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