UwAmp – another WAMP server for Windows

Welcome in another episode of WAMP series! WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP and is an Web Developer Environment – extremely useful programs that allow you to develop your online applications locally on Windows.

Today we are gonna take a closer look at UwAmp server. As other WAMP servers it’s very simple application but has some unique features which makes it quite interesting option.

In my opinion the biggest feature of UwAmp is that it can be downloaded as .zip archive so there is no WAMP installer – it can be put on and run from USB stick. Application weighs something about 200 MB, but I guess it’s libraries size and not much can be done about it. And let’s face it – these days we have 10 GB USB sticks.

UwAmp initially comes with:

  • Apache 2.2.17  (with SSL)
  • MySQL 5.5.9
  • PHP (5.2.17 / 5.3.5)
  • XDebug 2.1.0
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • SQLite Browser 1.3
  • XDebug client 1.0b5
UwAmp Server - Main Window
UwAmp Server – Main Window

I said “initially”, because program gives us opportunity to change PHP versions quickly from drop down menu – pretty cool feature if you need to check your code against different versions. At this moment it’s only available for PHP, would be cool if it allow us change Apache version too. UwAmp comes with two versions of PHP but it can download more from the network.

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Another feature of UwAmp is load graph, which shows us CPU stats for Apache and MySQL in graphical way. It is an addition to text load indicators in the main window.

UwAmp Server - load graph
UwAmp Server – load graph

UwAmp config options are not complicated but quite useful – we can test if given port is already used, detect Apache and MySQL from another packages, restart services when their config files are changed. WAMP server configuration options can be changed through their config files or by UwAmp config windows. We can turn modules and extensions on and off, add virtual servers, change tons of options etc. Very cool stuff – seems like lots of love was put into this project – thanks!

UwAmp Server- Apache config
UwAmp Server- Apache config

Main window buttons let us directly go to our local www site, it’s folder, XDebug client, PHPMyAdmin, PHPInfo and SQLite. Shame it doesn’t have some simple user and database interface, which probably may limit its usefulness for beginners – but once you have some basic knowledge about PHPMyAdmin you’re gonna be ok.

UwAmp is very interesting project, it has quite a few interesting features on board and even if it lacks some functionality I can highly recommend it to everyone who needs good WAMP server. You can download it from here.

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