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Guest blogging has been very popular recently and lots of people recommend it for bringing traffic and subscribers. Unfortunately guest blogging can also harm your blog – have you thought what’s gonna happen if your guest blogger simply copies article from another less known blog? You will probably get hit by Google search engine for duplicating content – not a big problem if it happens once or twice, but things may turn sour if lots of your content is simple copy of other sites.

Another bad thing that may happen to your blog is that your great content may easily get duplicated on other blogs (which could use better or more aggressive SEO techniques), causing your site drop in SERPs. This would probably cost you visits, readers and money. How to protect yourself from online plagiarism? Use Copyscape plagiarism checker.

Copyscape - free plagiarism checker
Copyscape – free plagiarism checker

How to use Copyscape plagiarism checker?

Copyscape is a site dedicated to plagiarism detection – it works similar to Google, but instead of searching for keywords you give the plagiarism checker an URL of your content and you see if there are any copies already on the internet. If Copyscape finds duplicate content, it displays links to the copies and informs you what you can do about it. If you want to prevent others from copying you articles, Copyscape offers several different DO NOT COPY banners which you can use on your site at no cost.

Free version of Copyscape has some limitations – number of sub pages you can check and number of displayed results are limited. Premium version doesn’t have these limitations, it also offers copy and paste check for offline content, can do batch checking of up to 10000 pages at once, check for duplication within your own pages and allows access to premium API, which can be used to perform search queries by scripts. Premium price is not high – it’s only 0.05$ per search.

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If you have problem with plagiarism, you should give Copyscape a try – it’s really powerful online tool that will help you stop others from copying your content.

Check you site for plagiarism for free here.

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