Google Reader and Feedly – King is dead, long live the King

As many of you know, Google announced recently that they stop supporting Google Reader after 1st July 2013. These are really bad news if you are using Google Reader to manage your RSS feeds. Good news is there are many other RSS readers out there.

One of the best options for Google Reader fans is Feedly. It works as bookmarklet in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. There are versions for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle too.

Feedly RSS Reader - Latest
Feedly RSS Reader – Latest

The biggest feature of Feedly is it’s ability to sync with Google Reader – you just use Sync feature from My Feedly on the left, give Feedly permissions for basic access to your Google account and you have all your Google Reader folders and feeds transferred to Feedly in seconds. Superb option. Let’s look what else Feedly has to offer.

Feedly layout is very simplistic: on the left side there is main menu, content is displayed in the center, on the right there is context menu and sidebar with additional stuff like Connect with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon links and  YouTube videos.

Feedly RSS Reader - Preferences
Feedly RSS Reader – Preferences

Main menu has Today item for today’s news, Latest for all the news ordered by the date, Saved for starred items and Add Website which you can use to subscribe to the feeds (opens a new pop up on the right side to search for feeds). Underneath Add Website there is list of all your categories (folders) with feeds. You can also change the Theme (13 different colors) and Organize your feeds into categories (all the changes done in Feedly will be reflected in Google Reader as Feedly provides two way sync with it). Using Preferences you can select your startup page (Today, Latest or Index), choose font for headers, select default view for your feeds and configure sharing tools displayed in Mini Toolbar. If you don’t like default settings for right sidebar, you can turn on and off Facebook comments, Facebook news feed and other modules (Twitter, Finance, Sources, Tweet Gallery, Flickr and YouTube).

Feedly RSS Reader - Find sites and articles
Feedly RSS Reader – Find sites and articles

Reading your feeds using Feedly is experience very similar to Google Reader – you scroll the list and the articles are auto marked as read (if display mode is not set to excerpt). Of course you can manually mark them as read/unread, share them using social media (Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) or read them later (add to Saved category, Instapaper or Read It Later).

Although I really like Google Reader, thanks to Feedly I feel prepared to let it go. So if you are looking for something to replace good old Google Reader, you should give Feedly a try – you can still use Google Reader for now, just make sure you import your feeds.

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