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Would you like to send your friends a message they will notice? Is normal text too small and bland? Have you ever been in the situation when you cannot find any good free stock photo for featured image of your post? It happens sometimes – what to do in this situation? Use Gzaas! to  create huge text logo for your article!

Gzaas! is powerful message creator – you create text message that can be easily send to your friend via Facebook, Twitter or Email. Once someone click it, he is taken to Gzaas! website where the message pops up.

Gzaas - powerful internet messages
Gzaas – powerful internet messages

How to use Gzaas!?

Using Gzaas! is very simple – first write some text for your message and press Gzaas it. You will get some random style applied to your message. Now you can select the right font and color, select background color or one of predefined background patterns. You can also add shadow to the text if you want (remember you can add several shadows, not just one!). If you want, you can use one of predefined styles. At this moment Gzaas! gives you the choice of:

  • 17 styles
  • 39 huge fonts
  • 53 backgrounds

Another usage for Gzaas! is to create huge texts for your posts – unfortunately it doesn’t provide way to save created messages as images, so you will have to take a screenshot, save it and process it with your favourite image editor.

Although Gzaas! is very simple, it creates surprisingly good, logo-like texts that can be used to add variety to your posts.

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