How to create free personal card online

Sometimes we want to give other people possibility to learn a bit more about us in quick, easy and discreet way. Maybe you have few online businesses and you would like to share them with others? That’s not a problem – you should create your online personal card, add information and links you want to share and then put link to it into your email signature or on your business cards. Pretty simple. - example page – example page

One of the best services for building public profiles is The site offers you one personalized page with huge photo in the background, that’s it. But believe me – it really looks great! And the best thing – service is COMPLETELY FREE!

Once you register your free account, you should explore other people pages through EXPLORE button on the top – it will give you a good idea what you can do using Once you are ready, it is time to setup your personal online card. It’s done in few, easy steps without need of any programming skills. - Edit Page – Edit Page

First select your background photo. You can upload one of your own photos, use one from Instagram and Facebook or choose one from the existing library (about 21 different photos).

Now fill your headline and  biography – in few simple words share what you would like other people to know about you. You can also share your location, education, job and define some tags. If you want, there is possibility to add bio photo to the page.

In next step select colors and their opacity for the background and biography texts – you can also select some patterns to use on your profile.

Now select the fonts and font size for your info texts – you can choose from 38 different fonts

Once you have your fonts sorted you can add some social apps to your profile – links to your profiles on most popular social networks. At this moment supports 30 different apps including Twitter, Facebook (and Facebook pages), Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube. - Dashboard – Dashboard

In the next step you can add some links to your online profile. lets you even add some RSS feeds, so your latest blog entries will be displayed on your page.

On the Contact tab you can share your phone number and address. You can also define if visitors could email you, what actions can they take on your profile (e.g. allow them to favourite it) and what sharing options should they have.

Last tab serves as an information how can you promote your page and what people usually do with their personal online cards – you can link them in your email signature, share them to most popular social media engines or even get free business cards (at the shipping price of $5.99). has also a dashboard where you can find some goodies like your page statistics, notifications on events related to your card, WordPress plugin and tools for embedding your card into most popular blogs (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, TypePad and generic embed code) or share via email tool. You can also download application for iPhone.

I really like quality of service – the created profiles look very professional while setting them is a matter of minutes. I will definitely spend some time polishing my own personal card on

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