How to find trending hashtags

There is no doubt Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform today. There is over 1.6 billion search queries on Twitter per day! It also seems that SEO powers shift towards social recognition recently. So it is logical move to increase your presence and visibility on Twitter platform to get better rankings in SERPs and increase your traffic. How to do it? Use hashtags analytic tool. - hashtags analytics and tracking tool – hashtags analytics and tracking tool

What are hashtags?

Hashtag (# symbol) is used to mark topics or keywords in a Tweet. People use hashtags in their Tweets to categorize their messages and make them easier to search for.

How to use hashtags?

Simply put them into your Tweet, e.g #wordpress #theme, but keep in mind that they should be related to your message. Also remember to check what given hashtag is all about – sometimes hashtag words are completely unrelated to their topics. It is especially important when you Tweet using your company account – some companies learned it hard way tweeting their messages with wrong hashtags. Don’t forget you should stuff your Tweets with hashtags – don’t use more than two hashtags per Tweet.

How to find hashtags?

It is not that easy to find a good hashtag – sometimes they are abbreviations or they are made from two or three words. Some of them are constantly popular, some of them have their glorious days already behind them. There are also rising stars in the hashtags world. There is very good tool for tracking them –

Basic usage of is very easy – you just enter the hashtag you want to research, press enter and you are presented with the results. Non paid version of the tool displays graph of hashtag’s 24 hour trend (in number of Tweets per hour), hashtag usage by prolific users, related hashtags and list of recent Tweets using given hashtag. Premium users can track hashtags, compare them, save views and export gathered data to popular formats like CSV, XML and JSON. - hashtags analytics and tracking tool - results – hashtags analytics and tracking tool – results

There are few more interesting tools on the main page – you can check the most popular trending hashtags (trending both up and down) as well as hastags most popular recently. There is also good list of all time popular hashtags. If you are beginner, you can find lots of articles in newbie resource section. Website has also forum related to hashtags, dictionary, planned events and chat.

Although shows full potential only to premium users, even the basic version can give you good insight into world of hashtags. Using the tool you can quickly find hashtags that are popular and related to your niche. You can also use trending hashtags to find ideas for articles that could bring influx of visitors to your site.

Why don’t you give a try now? It is FREE (at least basic version)!

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