How to find web’s most searched keywords

Knowing what web searches for is internet marketers’ Holy Grail. Can you imagine – you click a button and you instantly see top 500 search queries with their trend graph. Unfortunately there are only few companies that have this kind of knowledge – they are all search engines.

All we can do is to use data big brothers are sharing with us, e.g. keyword suggestions which appear while you type in the search box. Nowadays most of search engines offer this service. Not surprisingly there are third party tools that use this functionality.

Soovle - most popular keywords on internet
Soovle – most popular keywords on internet

One of them is Soovle – “a customizable engine that provides the suggestion services from all the major providers in one place”. Idea behind it is simple: you start typing your search query in the box and you see suggestions from the biggest search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and Answers. You can click them which performs actual search using the corresponding engine. Another way is to press right arrow to swap the current engine.

Soovle - saved suggestions box
Soovle – saved suggestions box

You can save any suggestion by dragging and dropping it onto Saved Suggestion box (icon with the book). Once you have all the suggestions you need bookmarked, you can email them, print them, download them in csv format or perform Google Trends search on them (very useful function).

Soovle - top internet keywords
Soovle – top internet keywords

There is another very interesting feature of Soovle: you can check top internet keywords by clicking the big star icon. The queries are organized alphabetically and have corresponding search engine icon next to them. This is very useful thing if you want to check what people are searching for – the night is compiled nightly according to Soovle’s help.

Soovle is very interesting tool that can be used to research new ideas for the articles and see how popular your keywords are. It is definitely worth checking!

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