How to register a domain name

Registering domain name is one of the very first tasks when you start a new blog. Good domain name can be significant factor affecting blog’s position in Google search results, making Search Engine Optimalization much simpler . Good position in SERPs means lots of traffic, and traffic is money.  As you can see, choosing the right domain is important.

Registering domain name is very simple process, you can complete it in few steps:

Domain registration -
Domain registration –

If you already have hosting account, the easiest way is to use domain registration tool provided by the hosting company – the domain will be added to Domain Name Servers (DNS)  automatically, all you have to do  is add it to your Add On Domains in the cPanel and it works straight away. If you register domain using registrar different from your hosting service the situation is a bit more complicated – you will have to set up Domain Name Servers to your hosting company.

Most people don’t realize that there are some dangers when buying domains, especially popular ones. The domain can be banned from Google searches and it is a big problem then, because you won’t get any traffic from the world’s biggest search engine.

How to check if site was banned from the search results?

It is very simple – let’s say the domain is If the domain is already registered (you buy it on auction), just enter into Google search box: 

press Enetr and if there are any results pointing to the site, it means Google haven’t banned it.

Domain registration - domain tools
Domain registration – domain tools

If domain is not registered, it is still worth checking it’s history using Domain Tools – there should be no history at all for new domains. If there are any entries, you should be very careful buying it. Another site I use for checking domains history is Web Archive – you can even take a look at the domain content there. If you have any doubt and there is substantial amount of money involved, you should contact google and check with them if the domain is clean.

Good luck registering domain names!


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