How to use Google Keyword tool

Keyword research is one of the most important things that may help your blog grow and attract Google organic traffic. It is not magic remedy and won’t turn your blog into money making machine itself, but combined with other techniques it’s definitely gonna make things easier from marketing point of view.

What is Keyword research?

As you probably know from my SEO for beginners article, Google search engine takes over 200 different factors into consideration while calculating your blog’s position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Few of these factors are strictly related to keywords, so using keywords the right way may result in better visibility of your blog, which turns into traffic and readers.

Let’s think how people search for things using Google. If you would like to search for the information about Google keyword tool, what are you gonna enter as your search query? Is it gonna be “How to use Google Keyword tool” or maybe simple “Google Keyword tool”? Which one of these two queries is entered more often? You can answer these question by actually using Google Keyword Tool itself.

Google Keyword Tool - Main page - Keyword ideas
Google Keyword Tool – Main page – Keyword ideas

What is Google Keyword Tool?

Google Keyword Tool is part of AdWordsGoogle’s main advertising product and main source of it’s revenue. It’s basic functionality is to give advertisers idea about number of average monthly queries related to given keywords both globally and locally. It also provides information about competition but please remember it is ADVERTISING competition – number of AdWords advertisers bidding for keyword, not competition in terms of websites. Basically Keyword Tool is keyword search engine, TOTALLY FREE to use by anyone – you don’t even need participate in AdWords! If you want you can go even deeper into keyword research and check Google Trends to see how keywords were performing over time.

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How to use Google Keyword Tool?

First thing you need to change is Match Types on the left side of the screen. There are three options:

  • Broad – default setting, it will show you sums of the search volumes of the keyword and all it’s related forms. Not very useful option for our keyword research.
  • Exact – we want to use this setting. It shows number of queries for exact keywords and very close variants.
  • Phrase – shows volumes of queries for given phrase and near variants – broader than Exact option. We don’t want to use this one.

So we tick only Exact option and enter our search keywords. Let’s say we want to check “how to use keyword tool” and “Google keyword tool”. We put them one per line into top box. If we want to add some filters we can do it in Advanced Options – I usually add Global Monthly Searches less than 5000, change locations to All countries and set All languages. Let’s not do it right now – just press the Search button we should see the results.

We asked for two keywords and results for these two are displayed on the top of the Search Terms. Underneath them there are some suggestions. We are interested in Global results sorted by volume – you can change sorting by pressing the Global label. Please notice that there are two tabs:

  • Keyword Ideas –  these are most popular search queries somehow related to our keywords arranged in one continuous list
  • Ad Groups Ideas – here you can find keywords suggestions from AdWords, grouped into broader queries  – very useful feature that allows you to find other queries strongly related to the original one.
Google Keyword Tool - Main page - Ad group ideas
Google Keyword Tool – Main page – Ad group ideas

By pressing arrow next to the result keyword you can perform Google search for it, check it’s Google Insight, exclude term or find more keywords similar to it. Ticking the box next to the keyword adds it to the Saved Ideas window on the bottom left.

And that’s basically it – once you have the results you need to make decision which keywords you want to use and put them into your article – it’s title, body and other elements. Remember not to overdo it – it is called keyword stuffing and it is penalized by Google!

Have fun searching for best SEO keywords and remember you can use it with Google Trends to find even better keywords!

You can try Google Keyword tool here.

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