How to use Pingdom website analysis tool

If your website loading very slow and you have no idea why, it is time to use one of free website analysis tools. You can learn a lot about how your website is generated and loaded. Once you know what is the bottleneck, you can usually speed up loading in few simple steps.

I have similar problem with this site (you probably noticed) and I stumbled upon excellent tool while trying to find out why Web The Smart Way is loading so slow.

Pingdom - Site Optimization tool - results
Pingdom – Site Optimization tool – results

Website analyzer I am talking about is part of Pingdom web tools and it does really good job visualizing your page loading flow. All you have to do is enter your website address and press Test Now button. Sometimes the testing server is overloaded with requests and site puts you into waiting queue but it goes really fast.

Once the test is run the results are displayed as list of the requests sorted by the load order – we can sort them by size, file type, URL or load time. Every loaded file has loading time presented as set of bars representing connect, send, wait and receive times. You can also see the headers for both request and response. If your images are loading too slow (because they are too big), you can try to optimize them. For JPG images try JPEGmini and for PNGsTinyPNG.

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Performance Grade tab of the results presents graded page speed recommendations – after expanding each entries you can see the list of affected files and additional link to Google explanation.Very useful if you want to speed up loading times.

Pingdom - Site Optimization tool - page analysis
Pingdom – Site Optimization tool – page analysis

Page Analysis tab is a summary of the test. You can see how many request finished as success, redirecting, client error or server error. There is a counter of connection errors as well. Other figures present Time Spent per State, Time Spent per Content Type, Time Spent per Domain, Size Analysis, Size per Domain, Requests per Content Type and Request per Domain.

Pingdom website analysis tool is really useful little tool which allows you to find what goes wrong while your website load. It also suggests the best solution so you can fix it very quickly. I highly recommend it to everyone!

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