Impossibility – free domain name generator

When you start your blog or website, the very first task to do is to find a good domain name. There are few ways to do it: you can use domain search tools like this one and then try anything off the top of your head, but it’s gonna take a lot of time. Better approach is to use one of the domain name generator – automated tool that will help us choose domain name by suggesting different options.

Some time ago I found really nice tool called Impossibility. It is totally free and very easy to use, so even beginners won’t have any troubles searching for domains.

Impossibility - domain name generator
Impossibility – domain name generator

How to find domain names?

To get domain suggestions all we need to do is to choose type of word that’s gonna be added to our keyword (should it be adjective, verb or noun – I usually use Mixed option), how long should it be and should generator add it at the beginning or at the end of our keyword. We can use one string as a keyword, without any special characters like spaces or dots. The best way to find good keywords is to use one of the Google tools – Keyword Tool. Using Google’s Keyword tool you can find most popular search keywords on the web.

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Once we press Search button, Impossibility starts to print out the results – all of them are available to register. Once all results are on the screen and search has stopped, we can ask Impossibility to suggest us some more domain names, by pressing Get more button at the bottom.

As you can see there is nothing complicated about Impossibility. It is really helpful domain name generator, which will probably surprise you with the results at the same time stimulating your own creativity. I wish you the all the best domain names available!

You can try Impossibility for free here.


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