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Would you like to learn maths online? Do you have problems understanding finances and economics? Do you need to learn programming the easy way? Are your skills in chemistry a bit rusty? Don’t worry, you can fix it without leaving your home with Khan Academy providing free courses online.

Khan Academy - Main Page
Khan Academy – Main Page

I found Khan Academy about 4 years ago through their Youtube channel. Since then they got new, pretty nice website and created tons of new material on various topics.
Khan Academy is non-profit organization which provides free world-class education for anyone anywhere around the world – all materials and resources are available totally for free. Website uses two ways to teach students:

  • How To Videos – there is over 4000 videos available to watch, everything presented in very easy, understandable way. Khan Academy Youtube channel has almost 700 000 subscribes and 250 millions views.
  • Self-paced learning tool which allows you to learn things in the interactive way, by simply point and click or  dragging things around. Using Knowledge Map you can choose topics you would like to train or simply start from the 1+1 and go into more advanced topics. I did it and it was pretty good fun! If you get stuck on anything, Khan Academy offers system of hints that will help you find the correct answer. Every question offers you to use scratch pad, where you can draw whatever you want.
Khan Academy - Knowledge Tree
Khan Academy – Knowledge Tree

Khan Academy videos cover lots of topics – from basic math through differential equations to linear algebra or even brain teasers. If you would like to learn physics – here you go: hundreds of How To videos on lots of different topics. Same with the micro and macro economics, chemistry, biology, even humanities like history or art history.

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If you are preparing for the tests, there is whole Test Preparation section (SAT Math, GMAT, CAHSEE, California Standard Tests, Competition Math, IIT JEE, Singapore Math), teaching how to find solutions for the most common problems and how to answer the questions.

Khan Academy - Programming - Drawing tutorial
Khan Academy – Programming – Drawing tutorial
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I really liked Computer Science section, where you can learn basics of the programming in really easy, interactive way. You are presented with the Javascript program on the left and it’s visual output on the right. You can change things in the program yourself or press the play button to watch how to change the program and how these changes affects the output – I think it’s excellent way to learn programming online! There is quite good amount of topics covered – from very, very basics like variables and loops to advanced problems like physics, simulations, fractals, and statistics. I have about 20 years of programming experience and I found there solid information about how to do programming things.

Khan Academy can track your progress and reward you with badges and energy points. You can share earned badges using social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can also display them on your Khan Academy profile. Programmers can display any program they wrote on their profile too. If you want, you can create goals for the future – watch five videos, learn five skills or create some custom goal using Knowledge Map.

Khan Academy - Set the clock interactive question
Khan Academy – Set the clock interactive question

Tracking your progress is super easy – you can check how much work you are doing per day, how focused you are on skills and topic areas, which skills you completed and which one are in progress or track how many skills you get over time. Everything presented in nice, aesthetic way.

I find Khan Academy really good resource for everyone who likes to learn online – I think it would work especially good with kids, helping them grasp the math concepts and gain some programming skills. Thousands of How To videos are fantastic way to learn things fast and easy.

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