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Most online photo editors I used so far is a bit awkward to use – they are slow, have limited options, effects they offer are not top class. They don’t offer anything you couldn’t find in desktop pc imaging software. PicMonkey is different – it actually positively surprised me.

PicMonkey - Online editor
PicMonkey – Online editor

PicMonkey is free to use image processing editor – it offers the user basic set of tools like paint brush, crop and rotate but it’s biggest strength lies in the filters and effects you can use. There are tons of them and quality they offer is outstanding. Here are few which I liked the most:

  • Boost
  • Soften
  • Black & White
  • Dark Edges
  • HDR
  • Focal soften
  • Focal B & W
  • Focal Pixelate
  • Focal Zoom
PicMonkey - Basic effects
PicMonkey – Basic effects

These are just basic effects, but what I really like is that you can apply or remove the effect by just paint over the photo. Imagine you just turned your image into black and white – you can paint over some object to restore the color. Most effects allow you to do that – pretty amazing option you usually find in more expensive photo editors.

PicMonkey - Online editor - Black and White
PicMonkey – Online editor – Black and White

If you are into portrait photography there is a whole set of Touch Up functions to help you make your photos perfect:

  • Blemish Fix
  • Airbrush
  • Wrinkle Remover
  • Shine Reduce
  • Blush Boost
  • Spray Tan
  • Teeth Whiten
  • Lip Tint
  • Eye Brighten
  • Mascara

Adding text to your photos is very simple – PicMonkey offers 13 different font families, you just set the color, fade, size, alignment and blend mode.  You can rotate the text and scale it as you wish.  There is also huge Overlays library with lots of symbols like hearts, stars, symbols, arrows, comic bubbles and geometric figures. Everything easily scalable. If you want to make your portraits funny you can add facial hair, lips, sunglasses and hats. Kids can play with range of happy icons, critters and animals like rabbits, cats and chimps. There are tons of other stuff in the Overlays – banners, labels, ribbons, leafs, birds, flowers, butterflies etc. PicMonkey allows you to add several different  frames to your images (including Polaroid-like). You can also apply a texture to your photos.

PicMonkey - Stuff for kids
PicMonkey – Stuff for kids

Another interesting feature of PicMonkey are Themes. They are mostly related to demons, zombies and other scary stuff which makes them very useful for halloween. In every theme there are some effects (Zombie Bruises, Corpse Eyes, Radiation Decay etc), overlays (blood splatters, witches etc) and text styles. Pretty cool!

PicMonkey - Zombie theme
PicMonkey – Zombie theme

Once you have your images processed you can arrange them into great looking collages using one of PicMonkey tools. Again – lots of predefined patterns and and layouts. When your masterpiece is ready PicMonkey lets you to share it with the world using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or simply via Email.

I really like PicMonkey – it offers great functionality for free, if you need all functionality and add-ons you can get them at quite cheap price. It is definitely worth checking.

Process your images with PicMonkey for FREE here.

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