Top blogging mistakes I hate

Recently I visit lots of blogs and I’ve seen the same blogging mistakes over and over again. After some time you really start to hate them and you never come back to blogs that commit these “crimes”. I made this short list to point out potential pitfalls, so all beginner bloggers can avoid them.

Adverts everywhere – if you just started, it is really good way to show true reasons behind your blogging: you just want to make money no matter what. You don’t care about me and my reading comfort. You want me to be surrounded by AdSense boxes – one on the top, one at the bottom, one in the middle. Even better – you made them look like they are part of your site, so it is easier to trick me into clicking them. This is what you really want – TRICK ME. No, thank you!

Same articles over and over again – it is really sad when you enter someone’s blog and all you can see is same old stuff about easy ways for making money online, getting more traffic from Pinterest or using mailing lists. Don’t get me wrong – I understand these articles are useful, you can find them on my site as well. The problem is that I see them EVERYWHERE. And when I visit blog which is basically a copy of other blogs, I am not gonna come back again, I am sorry. You have to find your way. Good example: recently I found interesting blog about earning money. Why is it interesting? Because the guy takes methods poster on Warriorforum, tests them and shares his thoughts. This is extremely cool as I don’t have time to do it myself. Shame he doesn’t post too often.

Removing website field from comment form – let’s face it, when I comment on your blog I am giving you a favour: Google loves posts with lots of comments, it is social mark that post is good. Instead I would like to leave a link to my blog, removing it is robbing me from my reward, I find it unfair.

Top blogging mistakes - login to comment
Top blogging mistakes – login to comment

Asking me to login to comment – I never do it, it is a waste of my time. I want to fill all the fields automatically, enter my comment, eventually tick a box and that’s it.  If you are trying to stop spammers, you can do it much easier – use free WordPress plugin called Growmap Anti Spambot, it does the job in very elegant way.

Using cheap WordPress themes – visiting your blog is like visiting your house, would you like your guest to sit surrounded by rubbish? If you cannot afford good WordPress theme, at least choose one with clean, modern design. You can find some of best WordPress themes here. The same applies to all these awkward, annoying animations. I don’t want snow falling in my browser, no thanks. If you really want to show some effect, apply it just to one page and link it from your post. Then I will have to blame myself for clicking the link.

Auto playing videos and sounds – nightmare, especially when you are at work and everybody realizes that you are browsing the internet. This is another internet crime and will cost you visitors on the long run, avoid at all cost!

Top blogging mistakes - tiny fonts
Top blogging mistakes – tiny fonts

Using tiny fonts and unreadable colors – I spend lots of time in front of my monitor, my eyes are really important for me, I am not gonna waste them trying to decipher your posts. Please notice that some people are using very high screen resolutions where EVERYTHING looks tiny – so if you make your texts even tinier, it is gonna become completely unreadable.

Money as your only goal – I understand everyone would like to earn some money, it is natural, but I would like to get something in the process as well, please don’t be selfish! If you know how to earn money, share it – maybe not everything but at least give me something that will make me want to visit your site again! This would be win-win situation: you get regular visitor, I learn something new.

Blogs about everything – if you blog about everything, it really means you blog about nothing. You will get some traffic (sometimes even substantial), but you won’t get the regular visitors or subscribers. Ideally you should choose two, three topics which are related to each other: e.g. blogging, WordPress, themes or travel and cuisine or actors and movie reviews. Try not mix topics which are not related like actors and WordPress themes, people will find it a bit awkward.

Top blogging mistakes - annoying popups
Top blogging mistakes – annoying popups

Using pop ups wrong way – I came to your website to find something interesting, maybe a solution to my problem and this is how you welcome me? It gets really, and I mean REALLY, annoying when it happens on every page. There are plugins that allow you to delay pop up messages – set it to 45 secs after opening your website, once per session and it will work MUCH better – I don’t mind that kind behaviour at all.

Top blogging mistakes - leaving popups
Top blogging mistakes – leaving popups

Browser pop ups on leaving the page – in my mind this is just a crime, if I see pop up like this on any page, it’s status goes automatically to SPAM and I NEVER visit it again.

Do you know any other things that I missed? What is it you hate the most when visiting other blogs? It would be great if you share it in comments!


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