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As you probably noticed from my previous posts I consider changing original WordPress comment box a major crime against blogging community. Some people are gonna say “It is because we are trying to get rid of spam comments”. Believe me, there are better ways to get rid of spam without making your readers angry.

One of the best WordPress plugins for fighting spam is Growmap Anti Spambot plugin (G.A.S.P.). It offers very good protection without being annoying to the users. No need to enter texts or to do math calculation. I am actually amazed by the fact that this plugin stopped 99% of the spam on my sites. The remaining 1% are comments entered MANUALLY by spammers (or spammy link builders). I don’t think even best CAPTCHA would stop this kind of spam.

How does it work?

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin - Comment tick
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – Comment tick

Idea behind Growmap Anti Spambot is simple – plugin adds to comment form some extra data using Javascript. Most bots don’t run Javascript so the extra check box  is not generated when they browse the website. Legitimate users have to check one box to confirm they are humans.

How to configure Growmap Anti Spambot?

You don’t have to change any settings after installing the plugin – G.A.S.P. is ready to use out of the box. There are few settings you can tweak to get most out of it.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin - Settings
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – Settings

Changing Checkbox title and Checkbox name can help stop spam bots if they “learned” the way to submit comments around G.A.S.P. If you have problems with trackbacks, you can turn them off here too.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin - Settings
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – Settings

Using these options you can customize messages presented to the user who forgot to tick the box, has Javascript turned off or is recognized as a robot.

Growmap Anti Spam Plugin - Settings
Growmap Anti Spam Plugin – Settings

If you feel basic protection offered by Growmap Anti Spambot plugin is not enough, you can turn on some additional heuristic scanning options – define maximum number of links allowed per comment and maximum words per name.

That’s all Growmap Anti Spambot plugin has to offer – but in my opinion that’s enough. As I mentioned before plugin effectively stopped spambots in their tracks. I highly recommend G.A.S.P. to everyone who has a problem with unwanted attention of spammers.

Try Growmap Anti Spambot plugin for WordPress here – for FREE!


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