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Welcome to another part of Best WordPress Themes series! Today we’re going to talk about great responsive theme – Nimble from Elegant Themes.

Best WordPress Themes - Nimble Main Page
Best WordPress Themes – Nimble Main Page

First thing I noticed when opened Nimble template is how big it is – each element takes good amount of space, making the theme very clean and readable. As with other Elegant Themes templates there is lot of love put into the visuals – buttons bounce when you hover pointer over them, images on the main page animate, menus unfold nicely. This is one of the biggest pros of every Elegant Themes theme – they just look fantastic.

Nimble uses well known Flexslider on the main page – it is huge, allowing you to use great looking photos to grab viewer’s attention. Believe me, it works! I’ve found myself clicking scroll buttons to see the animation. There is lot of space underneath the slider to put whatever you want – testimonials, latest blog posts, special portfolio section or price table. Nimble’s typography makes everything look very professional and clean.

Best WordPress Themes - Nimble Portfolio
Best WordPress Themes – Nimble Portfolio

The theme offers few page templates that cover most needs of common users:

  • Contact Form allowing users to send emails – secured with simple captcha
  • Full Width page
  • Five different Portfolio pages – Portfolio Small, Portfolio Medium, Portfolio Large, Portfolio with sidebar and Portfolio without text
  • Sitemap page listing all the posts, categories, tags and authors
  • Image gallery with really nice image animations
  • Advanced Search page allowing you to search content per months, category and type (pages and posts)
  • Login page – hiding the content for users who are not logged into WordPress
Best WordPress Themes - Nimble Pricing Table
Best WordPress Themes – Nimble Pricing Table

Nimble theme comes with set of shortcodes typical for Elegant Themes, allowing you to easily create following components:

  • Pricing tables – usually this component cost extra money, it comes free with this theme allowing you to easily create professional looking pricing tables
  • Coloured small and large buttons
  • Buttons with icons
  • Content boxes – warning, download, info, bio and normal box.
  • Toggled content
  • Tabbed content – not only Nimble supports standard horizontal tabs, it also lets you define vertical tabs which I find very interesting feature
  • Slideshow allowing you scroll any HTML content (including other shortcodes), you can also use it as image slider
  • Tooltips showing when user hovers mouse over element
  • Author info box
  • Columns – Nimble theme allows you to use halves, thirds, fourths and two-thirds for defining your horizontal layouts.
  • Lists with custom icons – we can choose from gray dot, green check and red x
  • Testimonials – nicely done boxes with image and quote
  • Dropcaps
  • Quotes in two different styles

Nimble theme has five predefined colors (orange, blue, gray, green and red) but you can easily change template colors using theme’s ePanel. If we talk about ePanel – there is quite a lot of options allowing you to change most aspects of Nimble:

  • General Settings – logo, fav icon, number of posts displayed on Category page, Archive page and Tag page, type of content to be displayed in theme’s content areas, quotes on home page, plans and pricing section, main slider settings
  • Navigation – which content should be exclude from menus (pages and categories), how to sort items, how many drop down tiers to show or should they be disabled completely
  • Layout Settings – allows you to disable thumbs and comments on pages and posts and define what should be displayed in the post info sections.
  • Ad Management – using this option you can enable 468×60 advert to be displayed on the bottom of your posts.
  • Colorization – as mentioned before you can customize theme colors here
  • SEO – using these options you can customize SEO elements for home page, posts and index page
  • Integration – it allows you add custom code to your header, body and  top and bottom of single posts
  • Support Docs – very good documentation explaining step by step how to customize different parts of your theme. There is also support forum for registered users

Another great feature of this theme is that it comes with sample data – using standard import tool you can have most things predefined almost out of the box!

Nimble is premium WordPress theme but I cannot say it is expensive – by paying $39 you get access to ALL Elegant Themes templates, which means you pay as little as $0.49 per theme! Believe me – you won’t find anything cheaper and as good as these templates!

I recommend you take a good look at Nimble theme if you are looking for not over-complicated template with great visuals and packed with useful features. Using Nimble’s sample data  you will get your website running in minutes!

You can try Nimble for FREE here.


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