Free website background patterns

Seamless background images are great way to enhance visuals of your website – everyone knows it. Problem is most people don’t have skills to create these patterns themselves. Spending money on images is not the wisest thing to do when your blog is not earning anything – you could use this cash to get more important tools and resources (like good hosting or proper domain). You have to find good source of free backgrounds – and it’s where Subtle Patterns come to help!

Subtle Patterns - free background patterns
Subtle Patterns – free background patterns

Subtle Patterns is simple yet powerful website that offers about 340 different, tileable backgrounds. All the files are shared under Creative Commons Attribution ShareALike license. It means anyone can use these backgrounds on their own website as long as Subtle Patterns website is attributed.

Backgrounds offered by Subtle Patterns can be viewed as list or grid – in the first case you can easily preview any background by just hovering cursor over it and pressing Preview button – selected pattern will temporarily replace site’s original background image.

The biggest feature of the Subtle Patterns is the fact that all files are tagged and you can use search box to find backgrounds you are looking for. If you are not sure what you would like to search for you can use most popular tags that are listed at the bottom of the site.

Subtle Patterns - free background patterns - tags
Subtle Patterns – free background patterns – tags

Subtle Patterns have Snacks section where you can find backgrounds packed into volumes (50 patterns each) bookmarklet allowing you to preview backgrounds on ANY website. There is also iPhone app for viewing backgrounds and collection of wallpapers. iPhone laser engraved cover is unfortunately sold out.

All files can be downloaded as .ZIP package contains one .PNG background in original resolution and one at double dimensions. If you use Photoshop you can download .PAT pattern file containing all the Subtle Patterns files from the GITHUB.

If you are an artist, you can upload your own pattern to the website – you will get mentioned and you will get your own link from PR7 domain – cool, isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Go and get some FREE patterns for your website!


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