How to decode shortened link

URL shorteners like are really helpful in the world of Internet Marketing. Link targets are obfuscated and clicks can be tracked by link creator. Situation get a bit worse when it is us who are about to click shortened URL. I am not even talking about dangers like viruses or adult pages at the office. Sometimes websites do quick redirection to hide affiliation and there are situation we really could see how original URL were constructed. Fortunately there are free services that can decode shortened links in seconds. One of them is LongURL.

LongURL recognizes enormous number of 340 URL shorteners. There is a full list on LongURL website, which can be also used to find the shortest ones available.

Fantastic feature for programmers is that LongURL provide an API for decoding shortened URLs, so you can use it in your application (under Courteous Usage “license”) for free.

LongURL - expand shortened links - results
LongURL – expand shortened links – results

LongURL usage is extremely easy: just paste shortened URL into the box and press Expand button – as an output you will see original shortened link, target link and all redirections on the way. You will get page Meta Description and Content-Type displayed as well.

In the Tools section you can get Firefox extension, Greasemonkey script and jQuery script for your website.

That’s all LongURL has to offer – for such simple tool it does it’s job perfectly!

Try expanding shortened links now – completely free!

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