How to get more Facebook likes with Conversion Box

As you probably know, social media got huge recently. So huge that even Google algorithms take social media into account now when calculating site score. Having lots of likes has substantial impact on your website SEO and position in SERPs – unfortunately readers are not so keen on pressing Like button as they were few years ago.

How to increase Facebook likes?

There are few strategies to increase number of people which press Like on your website or your content:

Show a popup with Like button and ask reader for support – this works, but as I said in my previous post about blogging mistakes you need to be very careful implementing the popup. Some people just hate to be instantly annoyed by popups on every blog they visit and you can easily lose a valuable reader.

“Trade“ you special content or link for reader’s Like – it seems as very good idea until you realize that nobody really knows what Google thinks about such trades. It may fall under category “selling links” and you can get penalized by search engine. If it happens when your blog just started, you may not even realize you got hit.

Buy likes – very bad idea, you will get some automated likes, all of them same day which will look like a huge peak out of nowhere on your likes graph and is easily noticeable and filterable by the Google. This strategy doesn’t help you at all.

What you need is non-distracting (but still noticeable) way of reminding reader about your Facebook page and encouraging him to press Like button.

How to achieve it?

I’ve recently found interesting website offering this functionality for free – it is called Conversion Box.

Conversions box - free Facebook likes
Conversions box – free Facebook likes

The idea behind Conversion Box is simple – when your reader scrolls your articles, small box shows in the bottom right corner, asking him to press Like button if he enjoys your content. Very simple and effective – Conversion Box authors claim it can increase Facebook Likes rate up by 76%.

How to use Conversion Box?

Usage is very simple – first you have to tell the system your box headline, e.g. “Do you enjoy this page? Like us on Facebook”. Next you have to enter URL to like – so this is your Facebook page address. Then just press big “GET THE CODE” button, copy given Javascript code and paste it into your website header into scripts section.

That’s it – now number of people that like your Facebook page should grow at increased rate. And the best part?

It is TOTALLY FREE, so why don’t you try it right now?


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