How to increase productivity with E.ggtimer

Some people (me included) have problems being organized – we would love to work on schedule and increase our productivity but it is really hard for us. Imagine my happiness when today I found excellent tool to help me organize my time better. It is extremely simple and very helpful. They call it E.ggtimer.

What is E.ggtimer?

E.ggtimer as you probably guessed is a free online timer which alerts the user when the time is up. I haven’t seen anything simpler, but… it is done in very interesting and useful way.

How to use E.ggtimer?

All you have to do to start the timer is to pass the time period as parameter. Here are few examples: - online timer - examples – online timer – examples

There are even predefined times for brushing your teeth and tabata training – pretty cool (not that many people will use them)!

E.ggtimer has some basic options like ring tone and volume, the only thing it lacks is long continuous alert – but I’ve already sent email to the author requesting it, so hopefully it will be added soon.

Now, here’s interesting thing – if you want to organize your time better, make a list of task and assign times to the items:

  • RSS Reader check – 15 mins
  • Email time – 15 mins
  • Link building – 1 hour
  • Article ideas research – 30 mins

etc etc

Now go to Weebly or other online web builder and create a simple page with these tasks as popup links to E.ggtimer (of course use correct times). Voila! You have simple day planner! If you know some html you could probably do a simple drag and drop version! It doesn’t have to be website – you can also do it using Google Drive and Spreadsheet or Document. You can even add set of links to your browser and organize them into folder.

All you have to do now is remember to open it every day, click the links and stick (or pretend to stick) to the schedule. Nothing complicated!

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas how this little tool can be used?

Check E.ggtimer here – TOTALLY FREE!


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