SEO Myths – Part I

There are lot of misunderstandings about SEO among beginner bloggers. Most of them are harmless, but sometimes SEO mistakes can actually lower website’s ranking. In this series we are gonna talk about some of the most common SEO myths and misconceptions that are widespread on the Internet.

Metatags can boost your rankings

This is a biggie – lots of people still think that adding keywords to meta tags affect the position in SERPs. As Matt Cutts from Google said in 2009 “Google does not use the keywords meta tag in our web search”. I am not saying you should completely skip your keyword research using Google Keyword Tool – it is still very important that you find good keywords and build your article around it. But cramming tons of stuff into keywords meta tag won’t work at all.

SEO can guarantee #1 position in SERPs for any keyword

You can find lots of so said SEO “experts” claiming they can take your website to the first page of Google results for any given keyword. In theory it is true – if you pump enough money into SEO and spend enough time promoting your website you can be first for ANYTHING. Unfortunately most of us cannot afford it, so you have to be very careful while choosing your target keywords.

SEO Myths - Null Value - flickr
SEO Myths – Null Value – flickr

You can cheat your way up

SEO is not as easy as most people think – some of us get frustrated when they don’t see results immediately and start to look for shortcuts. I don’t think it is good idea, even if you use white hat automated techniques. Google algorithms change constantly and something that works today may not work in a six months. Even worse – it may even harm your site’s reputation. Think about sites which were selling paid links. Google didn’t care for long time, but now it recognizes directories breaking that rule and sites linked from there can get penalties. Things like this can dramatically decrease your rankings out of the blue – one day you are top 5, next day you are top 50 and little traffic.

Traffic is all that matters

This is very common myth among beginners – people think that the more traffic they get, the more money they are gonna earn. It is only partially true – more important than amount of traffic is it’s quality. By quality I mean how easy it is to convert visitor into subscriber or a client. Imagine that someone was looking for information about programming WordPress plugin but instead got on your page reviewing some plugin for WordPress – he is gonna bounce straight away, no chance for conversion here. But if he would be looking for some similar plugin to one reviewed, you could have turn him into a subscriber (if you review WordPress plugins regularly). Please keep in mind that the more random traffic you get, the higher your bounce rate is gonna be, which will result in less organic traffic for given keywords from Google.

SEO Myths - Google Rank
SEO Myths – Google Rank

Keyword stuffing can help

Lots of people believe that repeating target keywords in an article increases page ranking. It is not true – nowadays there are much more important factors like number of inbound links with right anchor texts and number of social shares of the article. Unnatural percentage of any text can be easily found by very simple algorithms, so I would avoid this technique if possible – you can even get banned by Google for more aggressive forms of keyword stuffing combined with cloaking.

There is many, many more SEO myths – do you have any favourites?


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