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While developing websites we need to use large PNG images sometimes – usually when we need transparency. The only problem with such PNGs is that they can be huge – 1 MB or even more. It takes heavy toll on site bandwidth, loading time and reader’s experience. The only solution is to optimize them to reduce image size. Here is where TinyPNG comes to our rescue.

What is TinyPNG?

TinyPNG is free PNG optimizer which preserves full alpha transparency. TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression technique – it slightly decreases number of colors in the image which can substantially reduce file size. It is called “quantisation” of the image – colors are combined and original 24-bit PNG files can be easily converted to much smaller 8-bit version. Additionally all metadata is removed too. TinyPNG can reduce image size by over 70%! Sometimes it is over 1 MB less!

TinyPNG is supported by all major browsers including mobile devices: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately Photoshop doesn’t support neither importing nor exporting indexed PNGs with transparency, so image optimization should be always performed as last step and you should keep original files.

TinyPNG image optimizer - output result
TinyPNG image optimizer – output result

How to use TinyPNG?

Usage is very simple – just drag files you want to optimize onto top panel next to sitting panda and after few seconds you can download optimized versions.

If you have problems with your website loading speed (you can use this tool to check how fast it loads) take a good look at image file sizes – sometimes optimizing few PNG files can decrease loading time drastically. If you need to decrease size of JPG images you should try JPEGmini.

Check TinyPNG now – it is COMPLETELY FREE!

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