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Welcome to another installment of Best WordPress Themes series, presenting top professional themes for WordPress. We are going to talk about responsive Lucid from Elegant Themes.

Lucid is modern looking magazine theme oriented on displaying lots of content at once on landing page. I have to admit it handles the task very well – main page of the theme is spacious and very readable. As with all the other templates from Elegant Themes typography is very nice and everything looks fantastic visually. Theme is responsive which means it will scale itself to different resolutions, allowing comfortable browsing on mobile devices too. Lucid does it in good way – I tried it on iPhone and it really works as supposed: I could browse the site and click everything without any problems.

Best WordPress Themes - Lucid - Main Page
Best WordPress Themes – Lucid – Main Page

The primary menu is on the very top of the page – it is big, CSS based, animates nicely and allows multi-level nesting. Next to it are social media icons allowing your reader to follow you just in one click. On the right there is standards Search button.

Lucid theme offers full width space for your logo but  it shouldn’t be too tall so it doesn’t push slider down too much. Underneath the logo there is menu slot for secondary menu. If that’s not enough, you can use third menu slot – in the footer of the page.

The main slider uses very wide flexslider allowing you to present your featured content using nice, big images. There are three home page dedicated widget areas where you can place any widget you want. Elegant Themes have 5 custom made plugins:

  • ET About Me – it displays information about author
  • ET Adsense – for adsense advertisements
  • ET Advertisement – for other ads
  • ET Recent From – displays latest posts from any category
  • RT Tabbed Widget – display recent posts from any category in tabbed view

Underneath there is enough space for recent videos slider, widget enabled sidebar and recent blog posts. At the very bottom of theme there are three widget enabled footer areas.

As all other Elegant Themes Lucid comes with few predefined page templates:

  • Sitemap showing pages, categories, authors and tags
  • Advanced Search page where you can search for posts and categories based on month and category
  • Member Login page allowing you to limit accessibility to non-members
  • Image Gallery – very nice looking, animated and paginated image gallery. You can select what categories should be displayed in your post
  • Portfolio page – it looks similar to image gallery but pictures are captioned. There are 6 different ways of displaying this template: Small, Medium, Large, Portrait Orientation, With Sidebar and Without Text
  • Full width – standard page without sidebar
  • Blog – really nice looking blog template, with options to turn off thumbnails and remove sidebar. You can also select how many post should be displayed and from which category
  • Contact us – simple page with form allowing users to send you an email. The form is protected with simple numeric captcha
Best WordPress Themes - Lucid - bottom
Best WordPress Themes – Lucid – bottom

Lucid template offers standard set of shortcodes used in all Elegant Themes. It is very useful collection allowing you to quickly create these components:

  • Quotes – two different styles
  • Dropcaps
  • Testimonials – box containing author name, company and quote
  • Corporate pricing tables – usually you would have to pay extra for this component, but it comes free with Lucid theme. It allows you to create professionally looking pricing tables very quickly
  • Lists with custom icons – tick, cross and dot icons can be used with your lists and pricing tables
  • Column layoutsLucid supports halves, thirds, fourths and their combination so you can divide your content horizontally without problem
  • Author info – simple box with author picture and his bio
  • Member login box – allows you to protect your content with password
  • Social media iconsLucid supports Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter. There are also counters for TwitterCounter and FeedBurner
  • Tabbed content – it allows you to create boxes with horizontal or vertical (sic!) tabs. The content can be auto rotated
  • Slideshow box – this is modification of tab box that can be used to slide any content you want, even other shortcodes. It supports auto rotation and unlimited number of slides.
  • Image slider – using tab box you can scroll images – they will be automatically cropped. You can also set up rotation speed and transitions
  • Toggled content – can be created as open or closed box
  • Content boxes – normal, info, warning, download and bio
  • Big and small buttons
  • Buttons with icons

Lucid theme configuration is typical to templates from Elegant Themes – there is additional theme option in WordPress Appearance Menu which displays ePanel allowing you to configure most aspects of the theme.

Great thing about all Elegant Themes templates is they are coming with sample data. Importing predefined config is very simple – you can use standard import tool to open sample.xml from sampledata directory. Few clicks and you can have your site up and running. Pretty cool.

If you are looking for not over complicated magazine theme for WordPress I recommend you check out Lucid from Elegant Themes. Theme is very easy to use, has quite few useful features and most importantly it looks very nice. Although it is premium template price is very reasonable – for $39 you get access to ALL themes from Elegant Themes. It means that you pay as little as $0.49 per theme! In my opinion it is a bargain!

You can check out Lucid theme for FREE here.


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