How secure is your password?

Everyone one knows that we should use “strong” passwords. It is important as recent brute force attacks on WordPress blogs shows – simple admin password equals hacked blog. But what exactly is strong password? How to measure it? How strong is myp455w0rd for example? It seems strong, don’t you think? You are wrong – average PC would crack it in just 10 days.

How to measure password strength?

There are many internet tools to check your password strength, but you should be very careful where you type it in. It is really easy to steal your password this way and try to use it with your email account or hosting. This is why I am using How secure is my password page – it is simple and user friendly. And it is not stealing the passwords – I checked. Everything happens on your local machine using Javascript so the password is not transferred over the internet.

How secure is your password
How secure is your password

How to use it?

Usage is very simple – you just type your password into the text box and page displays average time to crack it. If you are into numbers you can press SHow Details button to see length of the password, character combinations, calculations per second and number of possible combinations. Geeky stuff.

Underneath the result website displays some additional tips – following them can increase your password strength substantially, so it is worth reading this section!

Strength of the password is also indicated visually – page background changes the color from red (weak) to green (strong). Time needed to crack the password is given in the text form – it is interesting to see these huge numbers as text. I managed to create 198 characters password which would take “quintillion nonagintillion years” to crack. I am not even sure such number exist – it may be an author’s joke. If you want to check password strength against more powerful computers, you can change number of calculations per second in the Settings.

It is definitely worth checking strength of your password – it may spare you an unpleasant surprise.

Check your password strength for free here!


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