How to track redirected URLs?

Some time ago I wrote article about decoding shortened links using It is very good tool but it has one flaw – it can only track shortened urls! If you try to track regular redirected URL you are gonna get an error! We need a better tool – there are situations when tracking redirections is really, really helpful.

How to track redirected URL?

Problem with redirection is that they sometimes use Javascript which fools most of the trackers. Fortunately there is Redirect Detective which is absolutely amazing – it tracks HTTP redirects (301, 302 & 307), Javascript redirects, Meta refreshes and HTTP refreshes. It recognizes 404 Page Not Found, 403 Permission Denied and 500 errors. It also displays when exactly cookies are set.

Redirect Detective - Main page
Redirect Detective – Main page

What can I use it for?

Well, you can track redirection, which is useful when:

  • you need to find out what affiliate is used by your competitor in his innocent looking link
  • you want to check what exactly happens when someone hits your affiliate link
  • you want to check where shortened or cloaked links are pointing to

How to use Redirect Detective?

It cannot be simpler – just enter or paste target link into the box and press Trace URL button – after few seconds you will get the results in nice semi graphical way.

Redirect Detective - Results
Redirect Detective – Results

That’s all functionality Redirect Detective has to offer, but it does it’s job very well.

You can check your links’ redirections HERE for FREE.


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