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Plagiarism is one of the biggest sins in the blogosphere. It is especially dangerous if you accept guest posts – imagine that your guest blogger copied his post from less known source and you get hit by Google’s duplicate content algorithm. Fortunately there are ways to reduce risk of publishing plagiarised content on your website.

Previously we talked about Copyscape, but there are other tools like this. One of them is excellent PlagTracker plagiarism checker.

PlagTracker - main page
PlagTracker – main page

PlagTracker is online service (so there is no need to download anything) offering unique algorithm and huge database of academic papers. It supports 6 different languages: English, German, French, Romanian, Spanish and Italian. Search engine is very good as it recognized content I posted recently (day or two ago), so if you wait few days before checking and publishing guest posts you should be fine.

How to use PlagTracker?

Usage is very simple – just copy your article into the text box and press Start Checking. Free version is limited to 5000 words – it is not bad as most articles are less than that. After about half a minute you should get your results. Duplicated content will be highlighted – click it to see links to source copies on the web on the right side. Premium users can download report as PDF file, check grammar report, check multiple documents, cross check academic database and access PlagTracker API. Waiting time will be also significantly reduced.

PlagTracker - plagiarism scan results
PlagTracker – plagiarism scan results

If you use PlagTracker frequently you will have to create a free account because scan reports are delivered with some delay. It will require you to use your Facebook or email account. Fair price for having your documents scanned for free.

I think PlagTracker is an excellent tool to deal with plagiarism. It found my test articles without problems, even quite recent ones. Most functionality is offered for free, with some minor limitations. I totally recommend PlagTracker for everyone who deals with articles and written word.

You can use PlagTracker for FREE here.


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