Hi there!

My name is Martin, I am professional programmer working in games industry. My biggest hobby is internet and website development. I love wandering across the web, finding new tools and services – believe me or not, there are hudreds of hidden gems out there, waiting to be discovered by you. Give them a chance!

Over the years I’ve met lots of “regular” people who wanted to start their own blog or website, but didn’t know how and considered whole process of web design as magic. Recently I thought – “Oh come on, that’s not true – it is not hard at all to start a blog! I am gonna show you how!”

This is how WebTheSmartWay.com was born – I would like to share my online experience and findings with you, so you can have as much fun as I had discovering wonders of the internet. Also I would like to show you how you can make some extra income off the web and how to avoid common beginners’ mistakes, which will save you some time, nerves and money!

So please visit my blog as often as you want, and if you have any (and I mean ANY !) question – just ask in the comments, I will answer the best I can!

Have fun and thank you for your time!