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To build a successful site you’re gonna need proper tools – and I don’t mean just WordPress itself. There are tons of other cool stuff on the network and it takes ages to find it. So I thought it would be helpful to create this page – the most useful resources on the web IMHO.

Please notice some of these links are affiliate links, but keep in mind that everything I put here is USEFUL and you should definitely take a closer look at it!


Ultra Edit : as a programmer with huge experience, I can strongly recommend this text editor – it’s probably the best one out there, very flexible, very handy, give it a try (there is a free trial), but be warned: after using it for some time all other editors will feel… too simple.

Graphic Tools

PhotoFiltre Studio – my editor of choice for day-to-day image manipulation. Tons of options and well though menus make it very user friendly. There is also free version called just PhotoFiltre.

Local WWW Servers

WAMPServer : very simple yet powerfull and free Windows web development environment, consists of Apache, PHP and MySQL. I highly recommend it. Here’s review.

Website tools

WordPress: powerful Content Management System, commonly used across the web as blogging platform.

Weebly: easy to use website builder allowing you to design your website by drag and drop. Read the review here.

Breezi: elegant and powerful website creator for people who are not into coding and would prefer to build their websites visual way by clicking and dragging. You can read more about the system here.

Site Templates

Headway Themes : BEST framework for WordPress I found so far – it gives you full control over every page layout without need to code. Excellent choice if you need to build your site quickly without hiring expensive programmers.

Theme Forest : collection of EXCELLENT site templates for WordPress, eCommerce, Joomla and Drupal. Also you can get cheap PSD templates for further HTML conversion. I’ve got quite a few templates from them and they have  always been top quality at affordable price. This is my TOP PICK.

Elegant Themes : another set of excellent, top quality themes for WordPress, very reasonable priced at $39/year for 80 templates, this is even better value than ThemeForest! TOP PICK!

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin Directory : biggest collection of WordPress plugins consist of over 23500 plugins! Excellent resource if you want to extend your WordPress functionality!

ThemeForest : you can find excellent premium plugins there at very affordable price. This site saved me so much time!

Script Resources

Code Canyon : Theme Forest’s sister site, totally dedicator to scripts: you can find excellent PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML5 scripts. Also there is huge WordPress plugins section, as well as Joomla and Drupal. Everything at very affordable prices. TOP PICK!


As there is quite few of them, please visit Books Section and take a look.

Please check this page from time to time as I am gonna to add new useful stuff.